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UltraVerse City (UVC)

Claim Your Land

Ultraverse City consists of multiple zones. Lands in each zone have been priced based on the distance from the central business towers or the most attractive landmarks.
The first nine closest zones to the master tower could be obtained only through private sales from 1st to 14th July 2022. During this private sale, zone 6,7, 8, and 9 will be sold in the form of ”Mystery Box”. The private sale will be obtainable through whitelisting perception.

Use the interactive map below for a better overview and to choose your desired piece. For the best experience, you need to connect to the city through your pc or laptop using Chrome browser’s latest edition and Metamask Wallet. Ultraverse City works based on the Binance Smart Chain network or blockchain, and you must have a BEP20 asset to trade there.

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ULTRAVERSE CITY Defining Features

The Ultraverse City is here; it’s authentic, and more than your imagination, it will become an advanced part of your life. What exactly is the pleasure about the Ultraverse City, and how can you participate in the future? There are loads to unpack, so let’s see the main defining features.

Fully Decentralized

The Ultraverse City will not be owned or controlled by any establishments or a single platform. Meaning all members can take ownership over their secluded data. Powered by Blockchain technology, all transactions within Ultraverse City are public, easily tracked, and protected.

On Access

A virtual 3D universe accessible to everyone, the Ultraverse City is a world without any restrictions where there are no limits to how many individuals can use it at the same time, what types of actions can take place, or what businesses can enter it.

Virtual Assets

Everyone in the Ultraverse City has access to decentralized virtual assets powered by cryptocurrencies. ONCS will be one of the utility tokens there. Through ONCS, you could build your business and exchange your digital assets like avatars, virtual clothing, NFTs, and even event tickets on marketplaces.

VR/AR Experiences

Members can access Ultraverse City via VR headset, AR glasses, or just a Chrome browser
through a simple laptop and experience a new level of engagement and interaction.

Real Estate Opportunity

In Ultraverse City virtual land mechanism is just like real estate in real life. Once you buy a land or digital property, you can rent it out or resell it.

Why Choose Ultraverse?

Ultraverse City is a decentralized community-driven platform, visual art, and business project atmosphere on the BSC blockchain where creators and designers can create and commercialize their NFTs and art experiences and do many other businesses.

A highly interactive three-dimensional virtual world

It’s about activities!

Ultraverse City is a virtual world where people can do almost all kinds of activities in a virtual space in the comfort of their homes or anywhere.

Earn extra money while doing your regular business

A Promising Future

Claim your land piece in the Ultraverse City!
Make money, make friends, and more!
A new way to socialize & make money in the Metaverse!

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